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Help your visitors find the content that matters, effortessly. Our unique AI algorithms learn what each reader likes. Your content is filtered, ranked and presented accordingly.

scrolling is the new clicking
forget pages and skeuomorphism

Noowit uses an intelligent layout engine to fit your content into a self-contained online edition. Your readers scroll naturally through the relevant content, like they used to flip a magazine’s pages.

banners just don't work
time for full-page ads & micropayments

Expose readers naturally to full-page brand ads, as they scroll through your issues from beginning to end. Alternatively, bill per article, issue or subscription with our new payment engine.

native apps are not for news
they lock social media traffic out

Disseminate Noowit’s web editions via your social media accounts and turn your friends and followers into subscribers. Expose them to your full content rather than individual articles.

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digital media awards 2015
applied research award
national innovation competition 2014
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Are you a publisher?

Turn your news portal into an intelligent pesonalized magazine, or publish a new media outlet with the best articles for each reader.

Are you a content marketer?

Easily publish an online magazine or newsletter with original, or aggregated content and target it to customers based on their personal interests.

Are you a company?

Forget dull newsletters. Now you can easily publish a branded magazine for your employees or clients, with relevant content clipped from all over the web.

Facts & Figures
Personalization = Engagement

Personalization increases engagement tenfold and doubles the chance an article will be shared.

People Scroll

90% per cent of our readers scroll all the way to the bottom of each edition and are exposed to all its content and ads.

More Traffic Less Bounce Rate

70% of a news site’s visitors comes from social media. Noowit editions expose them to the full personalized issue and not just individual articles.

Full-page Ads Work

Readers found our full-page advertisements pleasant. Their CTR is 4% and above, when the CTR of the average banner is 0,06%.

…people did want to know what the editorial take was on the important stories of the day, but they also then wanted to go straight to the content that they were really interested in
Bede McCarthy, Financial Times
the only personalization engine
readily applicable to any language