We wish to contribute to the transition from mass to smart media,... so you can make the most out of your content online.
who we are

Nikolaos research in AI lies at the core of Noowit’s personalization engine. An academic turn web entrepreuner, Nick is responsible for Noowit’s algorithms, business strategy, product design, UX analysis, and front-end development.

Chris is the brains behind Noowit's system engineering and computational infrastructure. He is a python guru with Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing expertise. Chris is the master of Noowit's servers and everything happening within.

Christopher is Noowit's front-end engineer. A genuine web hacker, meticulous with UX and code optimization, Christopher is responsible for Noowit's amazing layout and theme engine, crafted in marionette.js, backbone.js, bootstrap and Less.

what we do
online publications
tailored made for you
You are unique

We discuss your publication’s characteristics, needs and business strategy directly with you to come up with the best possible solution.

Your brand matters

We design your publication to match your brand and general aesthetics and we adapt it to your content’s requirements and volume.

You are busy

We plug into your existing CMS so you don’t have to change the way you work or your information infrastructure. Everything is ready within days.

You are a business

We provide you with the means to easily and effectively distribute and monetize your content through ads, micropaymens or subscriptions.

a bit of history

Noowit's intelligent publishing platform is the result of more than ten years of research and 4 years of development. What started in 2000 as Nikolaos Nanas PhD research on Immune Inspired Personalization had to mature for ten years, through various comparative experiments and research prototypes, to become ready for the real world.


Nikolaos and Chris joined forces in 2011 to wrap the former's Adaptive Information Filtering model into a real world web app for personalized news reading. The first prototype was released in private beta in may 2012 and its public beta version was announced on the 1st of July 2013 (the day Google Reader closed). Various updates and new features (including the ability for users to create personal magazines) were released since then, but... like with many news aggregators, the effort never took off. The decision was made to swith direction.


Christopher Varakliotis joins the founding team and the pivot towards an intelligent publishing platform targeting news publishers and content marketers is made. The first version of the platform was ready by September 2015 and the first publications in December of the same year. The interest on behalf of publishers is amazing. We continue to work hard to disrupt the online media world, with intelligent, online newspapers and magazines.