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how we do it

We tap into your existing CMS to aggregate and analyze your content. No integration hussle on your behalf.


Our AI algorithms gauge how interesting every article is to each reader based only on data we collect.


The most relevant content is distilled to be presented to the reader, but editorial control is maintained.


Your branded edition has layouts that adapt to the reader and the content's characteristics.


We automatically generate cover images and email templates for sharing the magazine.


The magazine is posted as a whole on all platforms, so the reader is always exposed to its full content.

why bother
# 10
reasons to publish a
noowit magazine
  1. It is easy
  2. It is fast
  3. It is personalized in every respect
  4. It is beautifully designed
  5. It can be published issues
  6. It maintains editorial control
  7. It naturally exposes readers to ads
  8. The effectiveness of print, online
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