Repackage and remarket your content as special, thematic or seasonal issues. Target new audiences, attract new sponsors. Give new life to your content.

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how we do it

We design a branded template for your special issues to fit your content and marketing strategy.


We tap into your CMS to aggregate and format your content. No integration hussle on your behalf.


We provide you with an editorial tool to choose the articles in each issue and to manage your special issues.


Our layout and theming engine make sure every issue is unique and presents its content optimally.


We generate cover images and email templates for sharing the special issue via platforms and newsletters.


The issue is shared on all platforms or via newsletter. We also generate an archive and promotional banners.

why bother
# 10
reasons to publish a
special edition
  1. It is fast
  2. It is affordable
  3. It is easily produced
  4. It repackages your content
  5. It is made to last
  6. It is self-contained
  7. It is shared via all channels
  8. It can even be auto-created
  9. It is easily marketed
  10. It is appealing and targeted
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