immune inspired
Did you know that the immune system can learn?

The immune system can learn to discriminate between the organism’s own cells (the “self”) and the external malicious bacteria and viruses (the “non-self”).

why is this important

The immune system as a computational metaphor is used to build a network of each individual’s interests and constantly adapt it to any changes in them, in any language and for every type of content.

Our content personalization engine can learn what makes something interesting (“self”) or not (“non-self”).

how it works
content generation or aggregation

Content originally produced or aggregated from third parties is indexed and analyzed to extract the most significant features.


A self-organizing network of thousands of features learns and constantly adapts to the evolving interests of each user or group

content evaluation and filtering

The interest network evaluates and measures the relevance of content to the reader’s (or the readers’) interests in real time.

content selection and editing

Content is selected based on its relevance score, which is then used to adapt the layout of the publication to each reader.

Facts & Figures
Unparallel Accuracy

Experiments demonstrate that Noowit’s content personalization algorithms outperform traditional approaches by 50% in accuracy

Language Agnostic

It is avoiding language specific NLP techniques which allows Noowit’s algorithms to be readily applicable to any language

Domain Independent

Noowit’s personalization engine does not rely on a domain specific ontology. As a result it can distill silent features that make content relevant

an intelligent
layout engine

Noowit is not just producing personalized recommendations. It is a fully fledged publishing platform with Artificial Intelligence at its core. Its unique personalization algorithms are tightly integrated into the design itself.

We have built a unique layout engine that orders and places a publication’s content adaptively, to match the reader’s interests on any device.

So you publish as many editions of your content as the number of unique readers

A typical
news section
Adaptive hierarchy

Article layouts are hierarchical, with the most important article appearing first and large and the rest following with progressively smaller sizes. The hierarchy adapts to each individual reader’s interests.

A great variety

We have already developed hundreds of layouts and we are constantly creating new. Whatever the number of articles per section or your publication’s style, there are layouts to match it. Your Noowit editions never look the same.They constantly change.

All the text

Just like print newspapers and magazines we make sure an articles’ text is included in your online publications. Our intelligent editing algorithms aligns the text and fits it into the available space.

Special Sections

You need a special section to promote your brand, conduct a survey, or attract subscribers? We design, develop and include any special sections you may require in your publication.

Variable Composition

The number of sections and the number of articles in each section is neither predefined nor fixed. It depends on your content production and its categories. You have full control over the composition of your publication.

Full page ads

You may add your own full-page ads to your publication. We provide you with the necessary tools and statistics. All you need is large images in portrait and landscape and we do the rest.

that matters

Don’t wait passively for your readers to come to your site or download your native app. Turn your friends and followers into subscribers. Disseminate your publication via your Social Media accounts and mailing list with our smart dissemination engine. Schedule or automate your posts and personalize your newsletter for increased conversions.

A full blown publication mechanism for attracting readers and exposing them to your relevant content and ads