top ten editions

Push the most relevant content to each reader with a Top Ten Edition. Increase loyalty and engagement, add value to your subscriptions or attract new advertisers.

see a simple example
Top Ten Demo Top Ten Demo Top Ten Demo Top Ten Demo
how we do it

We design a branded template for your Top Ten to match your content style and special requirements.


We tap into your existing CMS to aggregate and analyze your content. No integration hussle on your behalf.


Our AI algorithms learn what each reader likes and select the ten most interesting articles.


Layouts and styling classes are combined to produce unique Top Ten Editions that always look cool.


We automatically generate cover images and personalized emails for sharing your Top Ten Edition.


The Top Ten is automatically shared on all platforms and via email at a certain time every day or week.

why bother
# 10
reasons to publish a
topten edition
  1. It is complementary to your main site
  2. It is branded
  3. It is fully personalized
  4. It is beautiful to be appealing
  5. It is designed to be fully read
  6. It retargets content to audience
  7. It is self-produced
  8. It is ready in a few days
  9. It redirects traffic to your site
  10. Sponsors/Subscribers welcome